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Who knows the name of this flower

Good day to all! Please help me identify the name of the flower. It looks like a pink shade, but it has not 4, but 5 petals of a flower. Similar to arabis, but arabis also has 4 petals. Not Veronica - a bit like, but the foliage is not like that. Not a periwinkle, although it looks a bit. In general, I rummaged through many names and photos of flowers on the Internet, but I did not find a flower similar to mine - so that one to one. I did not sow it, (that's for sure), I grew up on my own, I experienced the winter perfectly, under the cover material in February there were bright green leaves. At first I thought it was snapdragon, but when it bloomed, I realized that it was not him at all. Pay attention to the stamens in the photo - I did not see them in any photo of similar colors. Waiting for your answers.Z


Flowering plant - Mylnianka or Saponaria (Saponaria), - an herbaceous plant from the family Cloves (Caryophyllaceae). More than 40 individual species are known: annual, biennial and perennial plants. The flowers are mainly pink or white, five petal. In Russia, in the middle zone, basil-leaved soapweed and officinalis soap are predominantly common.

Svetlana, you have this type of photo - Mylianca basilikolistnaya (Saponaria ocymoides), undersized. It is successfully used in landscape gardening design for firmly securing slopes, masking solid walls, piles of individual stones, for decorating borders, usually forming beautifully flowering, fairly dense "pillows". Easily propagated by mature seeds, apical cuttings and transverse division of a large bush. In your case, the covering material played the role of a greenhouse (protected from frost), in the spring the seeds intensified and sprouted.