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How to grow Romanesco cabbage

Good day to everyone 🙂 Recently I caught sight of Romanesco cabbage seeds or the people call it coral cabbage. But I didn’t succeed in growing something. She planted her in the country at a temperature in the street + 8 and on the shadow side. Watering was every other day. Maybe some special fertilizers or soil should be loosened before planting? Tell me what to do? Painfully beautiful cabbage.


Growing Romanesco at home is much more difficult than broccoli or any other kind of cabbage. It is very whimsical, and any deviation from the technology can give negative results (heads will not tie). It’s best to plant cabbage after potatoes,
water as needed. Do not wait until the soil is completely dry, but do not overfill the vegetable. Dale, you need to feed cabbage at least three times. The soil before planting must be prepared in advance, namely: the soil is calcified or wood ash is added (300 g per 1 sq. M.).