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How to fertilize the lawn

Good day! Please tell me my lawn for two weeks. Blades of grass are still quite thin. Is it possible and necessary to fertilize it with special fertilizers for lawns? What fertilizers do you recommend using?


To keep the lawn fresh and green, there are a couple of necessary steps for their care.

  • First, periodically stop fertilizing the lawn; with fertilizers, the grass grows rapidly and becomes more vulnerable to insects and diseases. Mostly fertilized only once in the fall. Healthy grass is tall grass, do not mow it heavily. It gives shade and makes the soil cooler, moisture stays for a long time and weeds do not germinate. Also in the soil there are more microbes, and they are converted into plant nutrients.
  • Discontinue use of pesticides, insecticides or fungicides. They kill beneficial microbes. Watering should be plentiful, but not often. Do not take fertilizers with a high nitrogen content. On the package, its amount should not exceed 10 percent.