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The thing is tobacco

My wife decided to please me and planted pipe tobacco of the Havana and Trapezon varieties in the greenhouse. We live in Karelia, the region is not tobacco. A little tobacco came up, and they grow poorly, frail. Tell me, if someone grew tobacco, what does he need, maybe special fertilizer? Previously, mahru was sown in the villages without any problems, but to make noble tobacco is a rarity.


Growing tobacco beyond the 60th parallel is an activity for extreme people. In principle, tobacco needs a place that is not enough in the greenhouse, and in open ground - it needs a temperature of at least 15 degrees. However, I perfectly understand you - at least a little, but fill the tube with yours. It costs a lot.

As for feeding - it is best to use a liquid composition of manure (chicken manure) and superphosphate. And he is generally not afraid of pests. On the contrary, all other plants from pests used to be sprayed with tobacco infusion.